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Capital Health “Building Blocks” Completed

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

To create the two “Building Blocks” quilts for the Oncology area, the staff was invited to contribute fabric with personal significance. The resultant sentinel quilts are composed of nearly 100 fabrics, many with floral and botanical motifs.  Viewed from afar, the patterns appear as a three-dimensional geometric construction with interlocking edges.  Viewed up close, the details of individual fabrics emerge, and the topstitching is a handwritten poem about the limitations of cancer, “What Cancer Cannot Do”.  This is a permanent installation, thanks to Lin Swensson, who commissioned the project as part of her holistic vision of incorporating healing art into the hospital’s environment.

Building Blocks

Healing Art: Quilts

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Capital Health in Hopewell will have work by many area artists, and we are all looking forward to seeing our projects installed later this year.  In addition to three interior sculptures, my commission includes the creation of two quilts for wall mounted presentation in the Oncology area.

To gather material for the project I requested donations of fabric from the staff, who did not disappoint. Numerous, diverse fabrics came in and Rona Remstein was kind enough to collect them for me. She also made a trek out to Pennington Quilt Works with a staff nurse, and together we gathered a bunch of batiks with floral and arboreal themes.

I am currently piecing the two “Tumbling Block” quilt tops.

Quilt Installation Mock-UpRaw Materials