Lucky 13, Completed

The blocks created on Friday May 13 at the Teens Arts Festival at Mercer County Community College were put together in time for the annual solstice celebration Art All Night in Trenton.  The quilt was hung at the Artworks table and credit was given to the collaborators: Samrah Ahmad, Evan Bedser, Laura Bentivegna, Iona Binnie, Meredith Bloomberg, Spencer Carrow, Lindsay Craig, Ariel Drossman, Laura Durr, Emma Freedman, Carolyn Fick, Genna Garlock, Rebecca George, Sarah Golobish, Stefanie Hernandez-Mendez, Ellen Klein, Janice Konadu, Metri Kumar, Jada Levine, Amy Loesberg, Ariel Lund, Olena Lymar, Sharon Mendez, Kyee Min J., Monica Naropanth, Caoimne O’Sullivan-Roche, Dhvani Patel, Naina Qayyum, Naita Rao, Ipsita Rar, Stephanie Retona, Kalilah Sabree, Niharika Sahay, J. Mikita Sashihara, Cheyanne Setnestica, Shivani Shah, Sarah Stengle, Keona White, Brittany Woodruff, Kim Woodruff, Camelia Wu, Elena Wu-Yan. (Please note that I copied this from a hand written list – if a name is not spelled correctly, let me know and I will make sure to correct it!)


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