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Independence Day Weekend

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

So the visit with Harriet & Nicholas was a resounding success.  Though it was hot out, we knuckled down and got the Mega quilting process done in one day.  Working together went really well, we stabilized the machine’s tracking together and were mesmerized by the psychedelic variegated purple thread from Canada which changed color as we sewed.  We got going on 4th of July morning, fortified by Peet’s lattes and by a nice break for a late brunch with Sarah Stengle.  We got back to it and finished the first pass over the whole piece in time to head up river for some wing dam boogie boarding fun up near Scudder’s Falls.

The next morning we figured out the piecing for the finishing, and made four sides of binding with one side stitched on for reference.  Harriet’s got lots of work to go, but it’s coming along BEAUTIFULLY.

Here are some pics:

Mega QuilterFront side of Harriet’s quiltReverse side of Harriet’s quiltHarriet and Nicholas