Hawaiian Quilt

This one is made from mostly Hawaiian fabrics, with the red cross I like so much drawing the focus to the Hula ladies in the center.  The four directions are represented by different fields of color.  Apart from repeating the white fabric with the bold black floral pattern, and the single Hula ladies block, this is a find the match quilt.  It is made with heavy cotton batting, so it will be super warm, and the quilting pattern is “freestyle”- a totally loose line of loops and whorls which hold it all together.  The backing is a happy stripey single fabric, folded over and handstitched around the perimeter.


Here are the Hula ladies…


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  1. dnc says:

    Hi Kate,

    That’s a nice new quilt design in your “5-inch squares” style.

    My purpose here is also to illustrate that adding comments to your posts is now possible, and that anyone can do it if they register with your blog site first. Registration is easy and all anyone has to do is provide a valid email address to which a password for your blog site can be mailed. Then the registered user can log into your blog (using that email address and password) and add a comment.


  2. kate says:

    Thanks, Dale! This is great. I hope that one or two people chime in over time- I’ll have to keep posting neat stuff. All best,


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